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A Gift in Thanks for a Lifetime Connection

Ann and Jeff CramerA first date to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for Ann and Jeff Cramer blossomed into marriage—and a lifelong love for the arts and The Woodruff Arts Center, home to the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and High Museum of Art.

For the Cramers, the arts embody the best of who we are as a society.

"The Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and High Museum of Art have positively transformed our community," Ann says. "The Woodruff Arts Center is the only organization to combine the visual and performing arts on one campus and is the largest provider of arts education in Georgia. Through the intertwined efforts of the Art Partners, The Woodruff Arts Center is continually introducing the value and power of the arts to the next generation. This is a gift.

"The Arts Center's intentionality of bringing in new artists from a variety of disciplines and perspectives is also such an asset to our community," Ann adds. "We're opening the door to a lot of creativity we'd otherwise never have known."

Going back nearly five decades, Ann and Jeff's support began, as Ann says, with "boots on the ground." For Ann, that was in the early 1970s, handing out event programs at the Memorial Arts Center (The Woodruff Arts Center), to years later serving on The Woodruff and Alliance Theatre boards. The couple are also supporters of the High Museum of Art and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Wanting to take a natural next step in their giving, the Cramers made a gift in their will, known as a bequest, to support The Arts Center. Not only does the gift reflect the family's values, it also ensures that their demonstrated commitment to the arts and The Woodruff Arts Center extends beyond their lifetimes and helps support future arts patrons.

"Jeff and I, and our children, have grown so much from our experiences at the museum, symphony and the theatre," Ann says. "This is one opportunity to give back."

The Woodruff Arts Center and its Art Partners have always been an important part of Ann and Jeff's life and naturally found a place in their philanthropic planning. You, too, can make a gift—and leave a legacy—to the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, High Museum of Art and The Woodruff Arts Center. To learn more, contact Nicole Michalec at 404.733.4612 or

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